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LifeMed Alaska typically sends a bill to your primary insurance carrier within 24 hours of your transport. You do not need to take any action unless you hear from us or your insurance provider.


To make a payment by credit card, please visit our secure online payment center.


How does membership work?

Medical emergencies happen every day without warning. If EMS or health care providers determine air medical transport by LifeMed Alaska is needed, your LifeMed Alaska Membership protects you and your family from having any out-of-pocket expenses.

Won’t My Health Insurance Cover Emergency Medical Transportation?

Life-saving air medical transportation can be expensive and your health insurance will likely not cover the entire bill for a medical transport. Think about how much your co-pay is when you visit your doctor or need to get a prescription filled – whether it’s $20 or 20%, it’s an insignificant amount compared to a medevac. The patient responsibility for a medevac flight to Seattle could be $20,000. LifeMed Alaska works directly with your insurance company and accepts their reimbursement as payment-in-full for our members.

I Don’t Have Healthcare Insurance. Why Can’t I Become a Member?

LifeMed Alaska will always perform a medically-necessary transport of the patient’s ability to pay. In fact, LifeMed has a charity care program in place to cover uninsured patients whose incomes do not exceed 400% above the Alaska poverty level. If you do not have healthcare insurance and do not qualify for our charity program, then you will be billed for our services.

Who Can Be in My “Household” Membership?

A household is defined as the Primary Member, spouse or domestic partner, and dependent children who reside at the same physical residence. Newborns are automatically LifeMed Alaska members but require notification to LifeMed Alaska within 30 days from the date of birth to continue coverage. Elderly or disabled family members living in the same household can also be added to your membership, or they can apply for their own.

Is the LifeMed Alaska Membership Guaranteed?

LifeMed Alaska makes every effort to respond to all requests for medically-necessary transports, however, there are times when we may be unavailable:

  • Weather Conditions – you may be in a location where it is unsafe to fly or land
  • Geographical Restraints – you may be in an area where our aircraft cannot land
  • Geographical Restraints – Prior Patient Transports – our aircraft resources may be in full use transporting other patients
  • Ground Transports – you may be in an area where we do not operate ground ambulances

Will the Membership Expire?

The LifeMed Alaska Membership will renew each year on the member’s enrollment anniversary as long as the member provides confirmation that no changes have occurred, or updates their account with current insurance and/or household information.

Can I Become a Member After I’ve Been Transported?

The LifeMed Alaska Membership will cover only those members who are enrolled at the time of transport.

Will I Be Covered if I am on Vacation or Traveling Outside of Alaska?

At this time, Membership coverage is available for LifeMed Alaska transports originating in Alaska or Northwest Canada.

Are Ground Ambulances Covered Under the Membership?

When available, LifeMed Alaska’s ground ambulances will transport patients between the aircraft and hospital. Also, in Southcentral Alaska, our ground ambulances provide ALS transports between medical facilities. All LifeMed Alaska ground ambulance transports are covered under the LifeMed Alaska Membership.

If I Have Medicare, Do I Still Need Medical Transportation Coverage?

Even with Medicare, you may still have co-pays. You may also have difficulty getting the emergency medical transportation costs approved. With a LifeMed Alaska Membership, you will be completely covered in the event you require our services.